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GULF TIMES : 4/24/2017
 Al Ahli Hospital will establish an audiology centre, a top official told Gulf Times yesterday on the sidelines of the Deaf and  Dumb International Week activities.
“The proposed audiology centre, which will provide full service to the deaf and dumb, is scheduled to be operational in one to two years from now,” explained Jamal S Hammad, deputy chief executive officer and director of projects, Al Ahli Hospital.
In co-operation with Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs, Al Ahli Hospital opened a week long activities to mark Deaf and  Dumb International Week. Senior officials of both the organisations including Al Ahli Hospital’s CEO Khalid al-Emadi, and medical director Dr Abdul Azim Abdul Wahab Hussain were present on the occasion.
According to Hammad, organising such a programme is part of the social responsibility of the hospital. “Some of the doctors will be delivering lectures on the latest audiology technologies available for helping deaf people to regain their hearing ability. We will also be 
providing several services as well as speech therapy for the deaf and dumb people during the week-long programme,” he continued.
According to the official,  about 110 to 120 people receive treatment at the hospital monthly for audiometric and other related services. “At present, we have several services at the audiology department. We have seven physicians at the department that includes four consultants and three specialists,” he added.
Dr Hussain said that the exhibits at the programme are prepared by the members of the Qatar Rehabilitation Society for Special Needs. “This is a contribution of Al Ahli Hospital to the deaf and dumb. We hope to raise awareness about the need to encourage these people and provide them the treatment and services,” said Dr Hussain.
The programme includes an exhibition of  audio vestibular medicine, hearing and balance aids as well as an exhibition of  art works by Qatari women who are deaf and dumb.