Medical devices

A number of medical and remedial equipment are delivered to the people of special needs as per the decision of the committee for delivering these kinds of equipment:-

- Ordinary and electrical wheel chairs
- Walking sticks and crutches
- Different types of carts
- Different types of hearing aids
- Medical, normal and electrical beds
- Medical spectacles
- Industrial limbs
- Arranging vehicles to suite for some cases of kinetic disabilities.
- Fixed chair for over kinetic activity cases
- Fixed chair for having food
- Walking sticks
- Hand stick for the blind.
- Special computer for the people who suffer from visual disabilities (blind)
- Computer equipment (learning aid)
- Study table and chair for the people of mobile and multiple disabilities
- Educational finance supports
- Toilet chairs
- Bathing chair for major mobile disability cases
- Pressure and sugar testing device
- Phlegm opening device
- Device to help breathing
- Purchase of medical equipment which are required by the case and not available in the State, from Gulf or European states,.

To request a medical device, please fill Form of exchange medical device

The beneficiaries of the medical equipment delivered by the Society are:

- The cases registered with the Society.
- Centres specialized for rehabilitating the handicapped (Al Shaflah Centre, Doha Intl Centre, Special Education Section at Rumailah Hospital, Al Nour Blind Institute)
- Pediatric Section at Hamad Medical Corporation
- Independent Schools (Amalgamated Schools) under the Supreme Council for Education.
- Schools under the Ministry of Education (Amalgamated Schools).
- Qatar University
- Other establishments in the country.

Images of medical devices: