Donating to the Society

Article (10) of the Memorandum of Association:

The finance of the Society is formed from subscriptions, donations, advertisements, alms, zakaat and other legal means determined by the Board of Directors.

Article (11) of the Memorandum of Association, Paragraph (d)

All the monies of the Society are spent to achieve its objectives and it cannot be spent for any other purpose unless a decision is issued by the General Assembly.

- Collection of Donations

Type of Donations:
(a) Charity Donation Funds and Collections
Form the markets, shops, hospitals, establishments and banks.

(b) Coupons
Coupons submitted to the Society by some cooperative societies and commercial malls in the State, which are handed over by the Society to some needy families registered with the Society.

Coupons for monthly amounts which are purchased by the individuals, companies and corporations and rendered to support the activities of the Society.

(c ) Ration Materials :
Donated by some parties and individuals and distributed to those who are registered with the Society through the Social Cultural Centres operating under the Society. Normally it takes place in the Holy month of Ramadan every year.

(d) Equipment and Instruments:
Some establishments, companies and businessmen donate medical and remedial equipment and instruments required by the Society being their support to the charity organizations in the society. The companies operating in the State as well as the businessmen in the country are the parties who mostly support the Society by providing the medical and remedial equipment.

(e) Courses and Workshops:

(f) Sell some dictionaries and books specialized in the field of disabilities, produced by the volunteers and members of the Society.

Moreover, the Department of Social Affairs at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs oversee regularly the different activities of the Society, collection of charity donation funds and collection. The accounts of the Society are audited by one of the reputed accounts offices in the State.